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August View Is Now Available August View Is Now Available Apr 09, 2019

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for — our wire-free doorbell camera, the August View, is now available! By adding View to your entryway, you’ll be able to set up a virtual window to your front door and make it smarter and more secure. With View, you can simply open up the August app and see exactly what’s in front of your entryway: catch every visit from houseguests, delivery folks, unwanted porch pirates, and more — nothing and nobody will get past you anymore.

August View allows you to stream crisp, realistic video of your doorstep directly on your phone and enjoy two-way audio that allows you to have real-time conversations with guests as if you were there in person. The August View also features instant motion alerts, on-demand live video streaming, zoomable video, 8 different interchangeable faceplate designs, and much more. And since View pairs with all August and Connected by August smart locks, you’ll be able to see who’s at your doorstep and also let them in — from anywhere.

We understand that our customers have varying needs and requirements for their doorbell cameras, so will be offering 3 separate subscription plans to support the scalable levels in which our August View will be used. With the Basic Plan, customers will be able to watch live video from their doorbell, have real-time 2-way audio conversations with guests and access to previews. In order to watch full video recordings, customers will need to upgrade to Premium ($2.99/month) and Premium Plus ($4.99/month) plans, which will allow them to watch full videos for up to 15 days or 30 days, respectively. Our current Doorbell Cam Pro customers will be able to keep their existing subscription plan.

Welcome Home, August View Welcome Home, August View Mar 05, 2019

 Running late and have friends or family at your door? Curious about how many times your in-laws are stopping by each week? Wonder whether your package will still be on your doorstep when you get home?

Now you can be home even when you’re not, with August View, the new wire-free doorbell camera that makes your front door smarter and more secure. August View streams crisp, realistic video of your doorstep right to your phone — thanks to our best-in-class sensor that provides 1440p resolution (providing 33% more pixels than full 1080p HD). View’s two-way audio capability lets you have real-time conversations with guests just as if you were home. Its slim and sleek design means that it can fit in almost any entryway and with eight different interchangeable faceplate designs to choose from, you’re bound to find one that matches your home’s aesthetic.

View pairs with all August and Connected by August smart locks, so you’ll not only be able to see who’s at your doorstep, but also let them in — from anywhere. This integration is another example of the seamless and cohesive smart home ecosystem we’re proud to deliver to our customers.

But it doesn’t stop there. August View comes equipped with a number of additional features you’re bound to be delighted by, including:

  • Instant motion alerts anytime someone approaches the doorstep
  • On-demand live video streaming
  • Minimal fisheye distortion to provide the most realistic view of your doorstep of any battery-powered doorbell
  • Zoomable video to identify package thieves and unwanted visitors
  • Access to videos for up to 15 or 30 days with our Gold and Platinum subscription plans.
  • Eight different faceplates: 4 metal faceplates (satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin brass, midnight gray) and 4 colored faceplates (black - out of the box, red, blue, and white)

What seals the deal is that the August View comes ready to use right out of the box and is designed for simple DIY installation. You’ll get a video doorbell, wireless chime, rechargeable battery, Micro-USB cable, and August app, and will be able to get it all set up by yourself in no time. No wires to worry about means there’s no need to hire an electrician. As always, August remains committed to offering platform agnostic products, and is working with Google and Amazon to have integrations with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa live once the View is available for purchase, and continuing to explore opportunities with Apple. 

Are you ready to make your front door smarter, more secure and work for your life? Sign up to be notified when the August View goes on sale at

One Billion Operations and White August Smart Lock + Connect One Billion Operations and White August Smart Lock + Connect Feb 12, 2019 Today, we’ve got some exciting announcements to share with you — two incredible milestones and one limited edition product. As of January 2019, August users have locked and unlocked their doors more than 1 billion times! Additionally, according to NPD, August was the #1 selling smart lock brand in the U.S. in 2018. To celebrate our customers who are responsible for our success, we’ve collaborated with our co-founder Yves Behar’s design firm, Fuseproject, to develop a limited edition August Smart Lock in a crisp white finish. Invest in Home Security with August this Black Friday + Cyber Monday Invest in Home Security with August this Black Friday + Cyber Monday Nov 21, 2018 Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a healthy side of Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings. If you’ve been searching for the right time to make your front door smarter and your home more secure, these deals are your answer. We’ve made some serious smart lock savings available  August Makes Halloween Even More Fun With New Front Door Features August Makes Halloween Even More Fun With New Front Door Features Oct 29, 2018

New Smart Lock and Doorbell Cam Features Now Available With Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, and IFTTT

Just in time for Halloween, one of the busiest nights for your front door, we are announcing new Smart Lock and Doorbell Cam features that let you see and hear all the events of the night - spooky or not!

“Hey, Google, unlock the front door.” (using the August Smart Lock)

Unlock your August Smart Lock for trick-or-treaters using the Google Assistant by saying, “Hey Google, unlock the front door.” The Google Assistant will then ask you for a security code, which you set up during the Google Assistant integration process. The unlock feature is the latest to be added to complement the lock and check lock status and door status features already available through August and the Google Assistant.

“Someone is at the front door.” (using the August Doorbell Cam Pro)

We’ve released a number of new features that you can activate when someone rings your August Doorbell Cam Pro or motion is detected, including:

Amazon Alexa

When visitors ring your doorbell, Alexa will now announce “Someone is at the front door.” You can also create custom routines that allow Alexa to say something special, play a certain song, or make your smart lighting flicker or change color. Use motion detected by your doorbell cam to create similar routines. Just imagine - Monster Mash plays each time a witch rings your doorbell or spooky lights flicker on and off as s/he steps up to your front door. To use these features, just enable August’s Alexa Smart Home Skill and then use the Alexa app to activate the announcements and routines. You can always view the live stream from your August Doorbell Cam Pro on video-enabled Alexa devices like the Echo Show and Echo Spot. In the coming weeks, you will also be able to speak to someone standing at your door using the Echo Show and Spot.

The Google Assistant

On your Google Home devices, the Google Assistant will announce when someone rings your doorbell. To enable this, open your Google Assistant and go to Settings > Home control. Then link your August account to Google to activate the visitor announcement feature. You will need to unlink and relink if you’re already connected to Google Home.


August has long supported “If this..., then that...” smart home automations related to lock and unlock events using the IFTTT app. Now, August has extended that to its doorbell cam products, so you can create an unlimited number of automations when someone rings your doorbell or when motion is detected. Many people connect these triggers to lighting, notifications, or playing a song on a Sonos system, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to everything you can do with IFTTT. For Halloween, we’re sure you can get creative!

Get Started

Ready to take advantage of all these exciting new features available on your August smart lock and Doorbell Cam Pro? Here’s how to get everything set up in time for the spookiest day of the year:

Google Assistant

  1. Launch the Google Assistant app > go to Settings > Home control > press the Add New button (bottom right of screen) and select August.
  2. Enter your August account information.
  3. To unlock your door, set a PIN code on the next screen.
  4. To enable visitor announcements when someone rings your doorbell, select Yes when prompted to link your doorbell cam to the Google Assistant.

Note: If you wish to activate these features and have already linked your account, you must unlink the August account first and then re-link it.

Amazon Alexa
Visitor Announcements
  1. In the Alexa app, enable the August Smart Home Skill in the Alexa app (if you haven’t already done so)
  2. Select your August Doorbell Cam device
  3. In the Announcements section, turn on the Doorbell Press setting


  1. In the Alexa app, go to the Routines section
  2. Create a new routine and choose Device and select your doorbell cam
  3. Add the action that you want to follow the doorbell button press or motion detection event


  1. Using the IFTTT app for iOS or Android, go to My Applets, and create a new applet
  2. Press +this, search for August, select your preferred trigger and doorbell
  3. Then select +that and choose any related activities that you would like to occur after your doorbell button is pressed or motion is detected
  4. You can select multiple actions if you would like


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