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August DoorSense™ Makes Your Door Smarter

August DoorSense™ Makes Your Door Smarter

Sep 18, 2017

August announced the August Smart Lock Pro and August Smart Lock, our newest smart locks, which include our latest innovation, August DoorSense™.


What is August DoorSense?

August DoorSense is our exclusive technology that allows smart lock customers to know if their door is open, closed, locked, or unlocked via their Activity Feed in the August App. The first intelligent, integrated sensor that tells you if the door is open or closed and lets you set a timer for your door to lock a few minutes after you leave home, making it the newest innovation in door security devices.


Why does it matter?

Leaving in a rush? With August DoorSense, your August Smart Lock will lock once you close the door. Never worry again whether you locked your door or whether it was fully closed. If your door is slightly ajar, August is the only smart lock with an app that can detect when your door is open or closed (in addition to knowing whether your deadbolt is locked). With August DoorSense, your August Smart Lock gives you peace of mind when leaving your home.

If you accidentally forget to lock the door as you are rushing to work in the morning, you will receive an alert through the August app letting you know that the door was left open.


How it works

Today, August Smart Lock users are familiar with the open green circle in the app which indicates an unlocked door, and the closed red circle for a locked door. With August DoorSense, two new indicators have been added, a broken yellow circle indicating your door is open and unlocked as well as a broken red circle to let you know your deadbolt lock is thrown and your door isn’t properly closed. If you have an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge you can see when the door was left open through the Activity Feed and with August Active Monitoring Beta you can set up push notifications that will alert you if the door is left open for a set period of time.


Convenient Auto-Lock Feature

Now that your August Smart Lock can see whether your door is open or closed, Auto-Lock is even smarter. Your door can be set to lock immediately once your door is closed. This feature can be enabled in the settings menu on your device.


Easily Install August DoorSense

Just like the August Smart Lock, August DoorSense is easy to install. You can choose to use a surface mount with the double-sided tape provided or a flush mount inside your door frame, using a drill with a ⅝” drill bit, for a more discreet visual appeal.


Which Smart Lock is Right For Me?

Every August Smart Lock comes with complimentary August DoorSense™ technology so you can always know your home is safe and sound. Want keyless entry? Choose the classic August Smart Lock. For remote access, we recommend the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (also available as a smart lock wi-fi add-on). In addition, select from a variety of shapes and finishes to match the personal style of your home.