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A Few Favorite August Smart Lock Features

A Few Favorite August Smart Lock Features

Mar 15, 2018
You already know you can control your August Smart Lock and check if your door is locked from anywhere through the August app or with your voice. But that’s just scratching the surface of what you can do with a smarter front door. Here are a few of our favorite features for getting the most from your August Smart Lock or August Smart Lock Pro:

It’s Not a Party Until You Invite Someone

One of the best parts of having a Smart Lock is giving family and friends temporary or controlled access to your home without having to hide a key under the doormat. To add new guests to your lock:
  • Navigate to the guest tab in the August app and invite the new guest by using their mobile number
  • Set up whether they have permanent access, temporary access during a set time period, or recurring access that repeats for a set time period every week

Home is Where the Door Knows You

Walking right up to your door and having it unlock for you and only you is a futuristic feeling. Try it for yourself with the optional Auto-Unlock feature in the August app. No need to put down the groceries or even pull your phone out of your pocket. To set up Auto-Unlock:
  • In lock settings, select the Auto-Unlock option and follow the prompts to set it up for your lock.
Learn more about how Auto-Unlock works, you can read our detailed blog about the Auto-Unlock feature.  

Get Alerts for the Moments You Care About

Set real-time alerts to get notifications for the events you care about. You may want to receive alerts when your door has been left open for 20 minutes, when a specific person locks or unlocks your door, or if someone manually locks or unlocks the door. To set up a Smart Alert:
  • In lock settings, go to notifications to set up a Smart Alert.