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Smarter DIY Security with Protect America

Smarter DIY Security with Protect America

Jan 30, 2018
Protect America is committed to providing every home and family with innovative, dependable, and affordable home security solutions. By integrating the August Smart Lock Pro with its professionally monitored home security systems, Protect America’s customers can take advantage of secure, keyless access to their home.

The future of connected home security

The August Smart Lock Pro is the most advanced smart lock on the market with supports for Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Bluetooth and Z-Wave Plus. And, the August Smart Lock works with your existing single cylinder deadbolt, so nothing changes on the outside of your door and you can use your existing keys at any time. August’s DoorSense™ technology confirms your door is securely closed locked and can send notifications to your smartphone. August Smart Lock Pro users can use the Protect America SMART app to lock or unlock their door from a smartphone or use their voice with the Protect America skill for Amazon Alexa to automatically lock or unlock the door when their Protect America security system is armed or disarmed.

The magic of Auto-Unlock

Keyless entry with Auto-Unlock is one of the most popular features of the August Smart Locks. According to a 2014 study conducted by IKEA, people spend an average of six minutes a day looking for their keys. The August Smart Lock eliminates this problem with Auto-Unlock. By using your phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, your door will automatically unlock as you approach. Using two states, Home and Away, the August Smart Lock Pro knows exactly when to lock or unlock your door so you don’t have to think about keys or opening an app. 

The power of Z-Wave Plus

The August Smart Lock Pro uses Z-Wave Plus to eliminate noise and distortion problems caused by architectural obstacles and neutralize radio dead spots. For example, if you ask Alexa to lock the front door from your Amazon Echo in the bedroom, the transmission could be blocked by the stainless steel refrigerator in the kitchen. Z-Wave Plus in the lock notices that the transmission is being blocked and reroutes the transmission through another connected device such as a smart thermostat or light switch.

Bringing innovation to the alarm industry

Stand-alone smart devices or self-monitored security cameras in your home won’t deliver the complete protection of professionally monitored services. Pairing your August Smart Lock Pro with Protect America’s connected home security service gives customers total control over their front door with convenience and safety of our home automation, GPS and surveillance products.