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August Access  Open Platform for In-home Delivery

August Access Open Platform for In-home Delivery

Jan 08, 2018
Today August Home and Deliv, a leader in same day delivery services, announced a partnership for in-home delivery to offer consumers greater convenience by placing packages and groceries securely inside their homes, garages and multifamily buildings nationwide. Together, August’s open platform along with Deliv’s last mile fulfillment solutions, gives retailers new options for offering customers safe, secure and convenient, in-home delivery. August Access is August’s in-home delivery software platform that works with its family of August Smart Locks as well as Yale residential and commercial locks. Deliv powers 4000+ retailers from leading omnichannel nationals, ecommerce marketplaces as well as small and medium sized B2B and B2C businesses in 35 markets and 1,400 cities across every major category from perishables, to apparel, to high end electronics and jewelry. “In-home delivery provides an exciting new paradigm for shoppers, freeing up time while goods and groceries are safely and securely delivered inside the home. August and Deliv recently partnered on a pilot with Walmart to test new in-home delivery services that make people’s lives easier. With Deliv, we are making August Access available to any retailer to offer their customers the option of secure in-home delivery,” said Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home. “Through this unique partnership, we are bringing a bit of magic to the shopping experience,” said Daphne Carmeli, CEO of Deliv. “Deliv provides the last mile fulfilment solution for a broad retailer network across the country while August Home supplies the technology to take the final step into the home for a totally seamless experience, start to finish.” How It Works The checkout process will remain unchanged for customers, as well as the retailers who use Deliv to power their same day delivery service today. Customers will simply choose same day delivery at checkout from Deliv powered retailers and select the time that works best for them. With this new partnership, August Access customers will be able to opt for secure in-home delivery after the transaction with the retailer or business is completed. If the customer authorizes an in-home delivery, August generates a one-time passcode. When the Deliv delivery specialist arrives, they ring the doorbell and a notification will be sent to the customer’s phone via the August app that the delivery is occurring. If no one answers the door, the Deliv delivery specialist will use the one-time passcode to unlock the door and drop off the package. Customers can even choose to watch the delivery take place in real-time through the August app or view a recording of it any time. To learn more visit or