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Prepare for Back-To-School Season with a Smart Lock Upgrade

Prepare for Back-To-School Season with a Smart Lock Upgrade

Aug 11, 2022

With summer winding down, the time has come to go back to school! As any parent knows, there’s more to prepare than stocking up on pencils and pens. Back-to-school planning means comparing everyone’s schedules and figuring out pickups, drop-offs, carpools, playdates, etc. With all that coming and going, your home needs to effectively have a revolving door while keeping your home secure. The best way to make that happen is with the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and Keypad Bundle. Here’s what the ultimate smart door upgrade can do for you and your busy family:


Let Your Kids Let Themselves In 


With our Smart Keypad, you can give everyone their own unique access code. This way, your kids can come home from school and safely let themselves into the house. This is a game changer for back to school season when it comes to making those complicated schedules work. Your little scholars can get a snack and knock out that homework while you’re wrapping up work or  finishing those errands!


Get Help For Your Help 


You can also give unique access codes to dog walkers, grocery deliverers, house cleaners, and anyone else who helps you get everything done. That way, they can let themselves in and out while you’re at work or waiting in that school pickup line. You can set those codes to work only during certain times, so you know your house is secure without copies of keys floating around. 


Stay in the Know While on the Go


As you come and go, the August app keeps you informed and up to date on which entry code is used when. That way, you’ll know exactly when that dog walker stopped by, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is back from school safely. Whether they’ve started that homework is another matter…

Going back to school doesn’t have to be complicated for any parent or kid. August is here to make your family's lives easier and more convenient. Now through August 16, save $90 on the Pro Keypad Bundle with code SMARTSUMMER. Click here to learn more and get the school year off to a smart start!