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Leaving Your Pet Home Alone More Often? Top Tips from August and Wag!

Leaving Your Pet Home Alone More Often? Top Tips from August and Wag!

Oct 18, 2021

End of the year activities are picking up, whether it’s kids back in school, returning to the office, or preparing for the holiday season. As we leave home more often, many pet parents may be wondering -- how will my four-legged friends fare? 

After all, being at home so much has strengthened many pet-human bonds. In a recent survey from the #1 pet service platform Wag!, 96% of respondents said their pet improved their mental health during quarantine. 

To help with the transition of being away from home more often, August and Wag! have partnered up to make pet care easier. Here are a series of tips, especially if you’re away from a pandemic pup for the first time.

Schedule Daytime Visits, Without Needing a House Key

Separation anxiety and loneliness - be it from you or your pets - is bound to happen. To help your pets cope, consider scheduling daytime visits to show them some midday love. If you’re unable to take a break during the work day, book a pet sitter or dog walker on Wag! for a quick drop-in or a longer walk. With an August smart lock, you can easily grant your Pet Caregiver access to your home, without needing to lend out a key. Simply give temporary or recurring access through the August app, or share a code to use with the accompanying August Smart Keypad

Leave Toys to Alleviate Boredom

Without a constant companion, your pets may get stir crazy and bored during the day. To help combat this, slowly introduce new toys and treats to your pet’s schedule. Leave them for minutes (then hours) at a time, helping them associate your absence with a fun activity. 

Create a Pet Sanctuary

Your furry friend may have gotten used to wandering around the house while you’re at home. To prepare for your time away, set up a "safe zone" for your pet to rest and reduce anxiety, complete with a cozy bed and toys. Also pooch-proof the rest of your home, like securing the garbage can and putting cords or plants away.

Go Keyless to Prepare for Longer-Term Pet Care 

Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, you may once again be away from home for days at a time. Create a pet care plan for friends, neighbors or a Pet Caregiver from the Wag! app to walk, feed and play with your pet during your time away, and make sure they have easy access to your home to do so. With an August smart lock, you can conveniently grant home access to a Pet Caregiver through the app or August Smart Keypad.

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