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6 Smart Home Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

6 Smart Home Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Dec 02, 2021

For the technology enthusiast in your life, check out our top smart home gift ideas from August Home. 


The perfect gift isn’t always obvious. But a well-designed home is something we can all appreciate. Whether it’s infusing a little style into lighting design, adding some extra security for peace of mind, or making it easier to keep things clean — a smart device is a thoughtful gift for any friend or loved-one. 

We’ve put together a guide with the best home gadgets for any gift giver’s budget. And because the right mix of style and simplicity is the key to beautiful home design, all our smart home gift ideas are easy to use, and ready to unbox and enjoy right away. 


1. Make Their Day Easier With a Smart Lock

The holiday season is a busy time. A smart lock can help make sure you never miss an important gift delivery, and can welcome holiday guests into your home — even when you’re not there. 


The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock installs easily on the inside of your door, letting you grant access to your home, from anywhere. Use the August app on your smartphone or send an entry code with the August Keypad to let in visitors, from friends and family, to your delivery personnel or dog walker. 


2. Gift a Voice Assistant to Help Life Flow 

Voice assistants in high-traffic areas of the home like the kitchen, living room and entryways can bring some ease and flow to your daily life. With an Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri device, you can quickly and easily look up a recipe, switch on your favorite holiday music, and set a timer — all hands-free! 


Consider pairing your voice assistant with an August smart lock to gift an even more high-tech smart home experience. If you’ve got your hands full with groceries or kids, you can use a simple voice command to unlock and lock the door. 


3. Share Some Home Automation Magic 

As we cozy up in our homes this winter, getting the right lighting, music and temperature is key to creating some holiday cheer. The Samsung SmartThings Hub lets you control all of this and more from one app.


This clever control hub is one of the best smart home gadgets, especially in the winter time. If you’re already tucked up in bed, simply switch off the lights from your phone. Pair with an August smart lock, and you can even check the doors are locked up safely from under the covers. 


4. Light Up Their Home This Winter

Next up, one of our favorite gifts for homeowners and renters. When the holiday lights come down, you can help your loved ones keep their home warm and lit up through the winter with Philips Hue smart outdoor lights. 


These weather-proof smart lights have a bunch of clever features to brighten dark winter nights, and make you feel more secure in your home. Schedule lights to turn on when you come home, control them remotely, or set timers to keep lights on while you’re away.


5. Send a Robot to Keep Things Clean 

One of the best smart home gifts you can give to a loved one? A robot that will do the vacuuming for them! The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner can help keep the home merry and bright as guests come and go this holiday season. 


With sensors that can navigate doors and furniture, you can leave the Roomba to do its thing while you enjoy the more exciting holiday activities. 


6. Gift a Smart Gadget For the Kitchen

Oftentimes a hectic space in the home, the kitchen is a great place to install a smart device that keeps things a little more organized. The Yale Smart Cabinet Lock helps you secure items that need to be kept away from pets or children. Lock up your medicine or cleaning product cabinets, knife drawers, or even the cookie and candy supply!


Sometimes, the simplest devices make the best tech gifts. This smart lock installs within minutes, and is easily locked and unlocked via the August or Yale Access app. 


We hope you find some smart home gifts to delight your friends and family with this holiday season! Fun fact: the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock pairs with all the smart home gifts in this guide, so you can play around and create a little smart home magic. Whether you’re setting lights to turn on and your door to unlock automatically when you arrive home, or setting your robot vacuum to begin cleaning as soon as you leave the house, you can create a convenient smart home just for you. For more, learn more about August’s partner integrations here.