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August Home and The AstroTwins' Smart Guide to Creating Your Perfect Space, Based on Your Astrology Sign

August Home and The AstroTwins' Smart Guide to Creating Your Perfect Space, Based on Your Astrology Sign

May 11, 2022

Whether sophisticated or comfy, trendy or classic, your home is a reflection of you -- it’s where you can be your authentic self. August knows your home style needs are as unique as you are. That’s why we’ve partnered with astrologists and authors, The AstroTwins, on this guide for creating your ideal space based on your astrology sign! Read on to find the perfect smart home solutions from August, our sister brand Yale Home, and some of our integration partners for your abode, with inspiration from the stars.


Aries: The Dynamic Creator


As an Aries, you’re naturally energetic and full of life. Whether you’re grabbing coffee with the besties or creating in your home studio, you embrace each day with open arms. To keep it running smoothly, add the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock to your door so you never lock yourself out again while you’re chasing your dreams.


Taurus: The Warm Welcomer


You know there’s a Taurus at home when the space is both comfortable and luxurious, elegant yet offering plenty of space for welcoming family and friends. The Taurus home is always ready for a party. Before your next gathering, add the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock so you can keep your beverage cabinet secure when you’re not hosting. 


Gemini: The Fun-loving Explorer


Geminis know what they like. With their eclectic tastes, they feel at home in just about any style, as long as it represents their true self. They’re always exploring and love bringing something new home, especially if it was a bargain. Protect your latest purchase with the Yale Smart Delivery Box, so you can enjoy peace of mind that everything’s safe and secure.


Cancer: The Intuitive Protector


Hi there Cancer, we see you—how you love to huddle up and be comfy in your own personal space. You love to care for others, but your downtime is essential too. Whether you’re enjoying a long soak in the tub or a serene dinner with your closest friends, you like to rely on the SimpliSafe Security System to keep your home oasis undisturbed and secure.


Leo: The Passionate Celebrator


As a Leo, you know who you are, and you love to express yourself with a bright and entertaining space. You give 100% to everything, whether it’s hosting a party or whipping up kitchen creations. The next time you’re upgrading your space, try the Phillips Hue Lamp to smarten your indoor lighting with the dramatic flair suited to your zodiac royalty.

Virgo: The Savvy Organizer


“A good home is never done,” is the motto of Virgo, the zodiac’s perfectionist. They aspire to be their best in every moment and relaxing in a clean and curated space brings them joy. But because life can get hectic, the iRobot Roomba is here to keep everything tidy whether they’re at home or away.


Libra: The Glamorous Companion


Libras strive for balance and harmony wherever they go, and their homes are no exception. They want visitors to feel positive when they encounter their space, so they often choose glamorous and polished features that show off their haute couture style. So, what’s perfect for the Libra? The Yale Assure Lock SL + Ridgefield Handleset, so they can give everyone an elegant welcome.


Scorpio: The Stylish Entertainer


The Scorpio home is a mood. Mysterious, alluring, artfully decorated, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world when you walk into their sensual sanctuary. Scorpios love to create luxurious spaces for regaling visitors with their vivid storytelling. Choose the Nest x Yale Lock in Black Suede to give a dark yet tasteful touch to the entryway.


Sagittarius: The Bright Adventurer


As a Sagittarius, we know you’re always on the go. While you love home, you come alive in faraway places where you can connect on a spiritual level with the many people you meet. Since this means you’re away from home often, invest in the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock + Keypad bundle so you can give friends, house-sitters, and property renters convenient and secure access to your pad.


Capricorn: The Careful Designer


When it’s time to create a home, classic Capricorns think big picture. As the zodiac’s “provider” sign, they are often focused on family and how they can support others. They always have one eye on what’s coming next and how to prepare. That’s why the Yale Alarmed Value Safe is perfect for this minimalistic sign—they will enjoy keeping valuable documents protected for the long haul.

Aquarius: The Entertaining Imaginer


The Aquarius is often the life of the party. They’re natural gatherers and organizers, and because they have a wide array of diverse interests, they can sometimes lose themselves in fascinating ideas or all-consuming hobbies that let them express their quirky creativity.  The Google Assistant, along with many other August smart lock integrations, is the perfect addition to every Aquarius home to support an inquisitive, tech-connected space.              


Pisces: The Soulful Dweller


Hi there Pisces, we know you never stop sending compassion and support to your loved ones. But sometimes, that means you need to retreat to a peaceful and relaxing nook to get back your equilibrium and enjoy the artistic hobbies you love. You can depend on the Yale Assure Lever Locks to guarantee you extra solitude and security for your most private rooms.



At August Home, we value your health and wellbeing as you live the life you love. We hope this guide, created with The AstroTwins, helps you create a space that’s all you. And if it comes with a smart lock, all the better! August products are ideal for an easy at-home DIY project, providing you with the aesthetic you’re looking for and the security and convenience you deserve.