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The Convenience of Personal Entry Codes

The Convenience of Personal Entry Codes

Aug 30, 2017

Want to be sure the kids got home safe from school? Perhaps you want a way to let your house cleaner in at the same time every week? Or maybe at the end of the day you just want to go for a run without your phone or keys in tow.  With a digital keypad, you can do all that and more. Keypad entry allows you to easily control access to your front door, giving guests personal entry codes without the need for a smartphone or traditional key. With the August Smart Keypad you can even link to your August Smart Lock, making your front door the ultimate smart locking system.


Benefits of Using a Digital Keypad with an August Smart Lock

With the August Smart Lock, you have the ability to lock and unlock your door from anywhere- all through your smartphone. You can also give secure digital keys to guests using the free August app. But what if you want to grant access without having to rely on a smartphone or traditional keys? The answer is the August Smart Keypad. A keypad entry offers many benefits to you and your guests for secure, easy access.


Nothing up my sleeve

We carry our smartphones with us just about everywhere, but sometimes you just need to untether. Whether you want to head out on a run without the extra weight of your phone and keys, or you need to leave your phone at home for some much needed charging time, a digital keypad allows you the freedom to feel secure with just the touch of your finger. The August Smart Keypad lets you walk out, and lock your front door with just one touch. Once you return, you can unlock your August Smart Lock with your personal entry code.


Know it all

The Smart Keypad also comes in handy for guests who don’t have the August app. If you have a handyman or dog walker coming, no need to worry about being home to let them in. Set them up with their own personal entry code to use with the keypad entry. You can create these unique codes instantly from your smartphone at anytime.

Or, use the keypad entry for anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone. If your kids come home before you get off of work, they can have their own personal entry code and you’ll know they got home safe and sound. This way you don’t risk them losing a traditional house key. On top of that, the August smart lock notifies you every time your kids, or anyone else, use their entry code to unlock the door. Through the free August app, you have access to a complete activity log showing everyone who has entered or exited your home.*


You can come in, but only when I say you can come in!

Whether it’s giving your house cleaner access at the same time every week, an Airbnb guest needing access for the duration of their stay or a neighbor coming in to feed the cat while you’re on vacation, the August Smart Keypad makes it simple. August Smart Lock owners can choose to assign temporary, recurring, and always on entry-codes for their keypad entry.
  • Temporary entry code: A time-bound entry code that allows access for a specified time period and automatically expires. Great for guests in for the weekend, short term rentals or home services like letting the plumber in when you’re not home.
  • Recurring entry code: A weekly entry code that allows access for a specific time period that repeats weekly. Convenient for cleaners or dog walkers who come to your home on a regular schedule.
  • Always On entry code: Works all the time until the Owner disables the entry code. This is great for family members to use when they don’t have access to their phone or traditional keys.

So, assign a recurring entry code to your dog walker every Thursday between 1 and 3 pm and the code will only be active during this time period. This allows increased control over access to a home or short-term rental property, all free and easy from the August app.


Feel Secure with a Front Door Keypad

So, never have to worry about leaving keys under the mat again! The August Smart Keypad is an accessory for your August Smart Lock that makes coming and going even easier and more convenient. For those instances where you don’t have your keys or phone on you, or you want to give easy, secure access to a guest, the keypad entry is the way to go. Check out the August Smart Keypad and other accessories, all giving you added functions for your other August products.

  *Remote notification features require August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge or an August Doorbell Cam.