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The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Is Now 5GHz Wi-Fi Compatible

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Is Now 5GHz Wi-Fi Compatible

Mar 14, 2024

How we set up our smart homes reflects our interests and lifestyles, which can take many forms. From music, gaming and video streaming to working from home to smart security gadgets, we can quickly populate our homes with a range of devices connected to – and competing on – our Wi-Fi. 

To better support your connected home, August is happy to announce that the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock can now connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. Previously only available on 2.4GHz, this upgrade provides a range of benefits to our Wi-Fi Smart Lock users:

Simpler Setup

Whether you’re installing your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock for the first time or reinstalling it in a new home, you no longer have to worry about which Wi-Fi band to connect to. With both 2.4GHz and 5GHz options now available, you can decide which Wi-Fi band to use – without the confusion of ensuring your lock is on the correct one. 

Improved Performance 

Because 2.4GHz is the default network for most connected devices, 5GHz networks generally have less traffic. This means less bandwidth competition, which results in faster performance. 

Greater Flexibility

All in all, you’re able to choose which Wi-Fi band works best for your home. 2.4GHz is perfect for reaching a greater range (at a slower speed) within your home, while 5GHz is better for speed (in a shorter range). Your choice can depend on how far your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is located from the Wi-Fi router and/or how many devices are connected to each network.

5GHz is now available for all August Wi-Fi Smart Lock customers. Simply update your firmware to version 1.1.22 when prompted in the August app, no additional hardware required. Please make sure your August app is updated to version 24.3 for the best experience.