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New Mom? Here’s The Tech You Need, from August & Yale

New Mom? Here’s The Tech You Need, from August & Yale

Apr 29, 2021

For new moms, preparing your home for a baby (or soon to be toddler) can feel particularly daunting. Whether you’re baby proofing cabinets or juggling multiple priorities at once, it can feel like you’re always in need of a hand. This Mother’s Day, treat a new mom (or yourself!) with some of August & Yale’s favorite connected tech items that can help keep you and your household sane, safe and happy.


Yale Smart Cabinet Lock

Curious kids are always on the lookout for exciting new things to play with. With Yale Smart Cabinet Locks, you can get a jump-start on babyproofing your home without having to deal with impossibly finicky contraptions. Having smart locks on your cabinets means you’ll never find yourself worried about forgetting to lock the cleaning supply cabinet. Plus, with the Wi-Fi option, you’ll be able to receive realtime notifications when someone accesses the cabinet, and link it to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device for even more convenience. Now through May 12, head to to save $15 off a Smart Cabinet Lock with the code BESTMOM15. Looking to upgrade? Pick up a Smart Cabinet Lock with Wi-Fi and knock off another $10, for a total of $25 in savings with the code BESTMOM25.


August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Picture this: your hands are full, your keys are nowhere to be found, and both you and your child are in dire need of a snack. With the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, enjoy keyless access to your home right from your phone! Simply install the Smart Lock to the inside of your door and it will automatically unlock as you approach. Plus, you can connect it to your smart home system or a voice assistant for even more convenience. Now through May 12, use code SPRING20 to save $20 when purchasing a new Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Or, add a new keypad to the mix and save $40 with code SPRING40. 


Interested in a full system upgrade? From now until May 12th, head to and use the code SPRINGDEAL for $35 off Wi-Fi Smart Lock and Hardware bundles, such as Wi-Fi Smart Lock + Navis Paddle, Wi-Fi Smart Lock + Deadbolt, or the New Home Housewarming Bundle.


Philips Hue Bloom Table Lamp

Whether you’re waking your little one up in the mornings, tucking them in for a bedtime story or mastering nighttime feedings, the Philips Hue Bloom Table Lamp offers an unmatched ambiance that creates a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. Designed to provide indirect light, this lamp will help you find the sweet spot between harsh overhead lighting and a barely-visible night light. With seamless connection via Bluetooth, you can integrate the lamp into your smart home set-up, or simply control it directly from your smartphone. Add a Hue Bridge to your smart home ecosystem and unlock the full suite of features that Philips Hue has to offer, including automated routines, timers, custom scenes, and the ability to bring the ambiance indoors and outdoors with up to 50 light points.


Aura's Carver Frame

When there’s a new addition to the family, you won’t want to miss a single moment — and neither will your friends and family. With the Aura Carver digital photo frame, you can easily upload photos directly to the frame, right from your phone. Keep it for yourself, or give it to the grandparents or other loved ones and share photos to the frame over Wi-Fi. Whether they’re across the country or just down the street, Aura allows everybody to ooh and ahh over your little bundle of joy from wherever they are.


We’re feeling extra grateful for all that moms do for us. We hope you have a happy Mother’s Day!