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New Biometric Verification Feature for August Smart Locks

New Biometric Verification Feature for August Smart Locks

Aug 25, 2020

Did you know, the average smartphone user unlocks their phone 150 times a day – often quickly and securely through a thumbprint, fingerprint, or face scan? What if we made unlocking your home as simple and secure as unlocking your phone? Available on the August app, smart lock users can set up biometric verification for any unlock or lock operation and turn any August Smart Lock into a thumbprint lock through your phone


When the “Verified Access” feature is turned on, the August app will use your phone’s built-in authentication tools to prompt fingerprint or facial recognition before you can unlock or lock your home (note: if your phone does not have these features, it will prompt you to use your PIN code). This further ensures that your smart lock is only operated by the right people at the time you intend for it.


The biometric smart lock security feature applies to facial or fingerprint lock verification done remotely via Wi-Fi, mobile data, or local Bluetooth access. The power of biometric verification allows for a higher-level of security. Biometric locks give you more control and say in who enters your house. You’ll be able to opt in to this security feature, and it will not be enacted when checking your lock status in order to preserve a seamless app experience.


Alongside this new biometric verification smart lock app feature, August Home has a “Hide Entry Codes” feature that will give you the option to hide keypad entry codes within the app. Once enabled, you will only be able to view codes after passing phone authentication. This biometric verification feature is another step to provide you with further peace of mind around your August Smart Locks.


The August app features are available on iOS and Android, joining our other existing privacy features including two-factor authentication, two-layer encryption, and lost-phone disablement. Read more about how facial and fingerprint lock verifications works and August Smart Locks biometrics.


If you have any questions about Yale’s August app, August smart lock products, or about August, contact us today.