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How Raul Unlocks More with August

How Raul Unlocks More with August

Oct 18, 2017
Raul is not one to be paranoid, but the peace of mind his August Doorbell Cam Pro and August Smart Lock Pro have given him is just what he had in mind when he started using them. He’s more aware of what’s going on at home and he’s able to control access for contractors and painters as he works on a home improvement project, even when he can’t be there. Here’s how August helps Raul #UnlockMore every day:

Feeling Safe

August Doorbell Cam ProRaul was looking for products he could count on to monitor what was going on outside his suburban home in San Leandro, California, day and night. One day after returning home to find footmarks on his door, appearing that someone had attempted to kick it in, he looked at the Doorbell Cam Pro Activity Feed in the August app and saw exactly what happened. While he was at work the August Doorbell Cam Pro caught a kid, who thought it would be funny, to kick the door as a prank on his walk home from school. Raul took a screenshot of the video in the app and posted it on neighborhood social media site, Nextdoor. Word spread quickly about the event, alerting other neighbors. Thanks to August and Nextdoor, the kid was identified and reported. Knowing what’s going on in his neighborhood and being able to share information to alert neighbors is something Raul says he loves about August products.

Never Left Wondering

When a package was stolen from Raul’s doorstep. he took the Doorbell Cam footage of the culprit to police. While the thief has not been prosecuted, Raul feels more secure by just being able to review the video of what happened when his package was stolen, which helps him sleep a little better at night.

No More Hide-A-Keys

Raul and his wife use the August Smart Lock Pro and their Doorbell Cam Pro to let painters in and out through a single tap through the app, when they’re not home during the day. Raul gives his pet sitter scheduled access when they go out of town for the weekend. Controlling access like this has been paramount in changing the way Raul and his wife let people in and out of their home. Raul says they never have to worry about leaving a key or arranging for someone to be home. They come and go freely knowing their home is safe and secure day and night.

How would you #UnlockMore?

Raul uses August Doorbell Cam Pro and August Smart Lock Pro for more awareness and insight into what is happening when he’s not at home. The peace of mind and flexibility help Raul and his wife get more done without having to take time off work or compromise weekend plans. Raul in front of his home We want to hear from you. Tell us how you would use your August Smart Lock Pro to #UnlockMore, would you finally get that home improvement project done now that you don’t have to be home to wait for the contractor all day? Would you give the pet sitter temporary access to your home while you are away for the weekend? Or maybe something else entirely? Let us know for a chance to win your own August Smart Lock Pro, Doorbell Cam Pro and a $100 gift card to get your own home project done with Sears Home Services. #UnlockMore with August Smart Lock