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"The August Smart Lock is still our favorite way to bring connected smarts to your front door, and today, it's getting even smarter."
What the press is saying
New York Times 2016 Technology Gift Guide "August's Smart Lock will cure anxiety about getting locked out. The device electromechanically locks or unlocks your deadbolt, taking commands from a smartphone app." The 12 must-have tech gifts of 2016 "On the surface, there's nothing sexy about giving a door lock as a gift. But the August's Smart Lock ($229) is a worthy buy." How to Secure Your Home Before Leaving for the Holidays "Control visitor entry from the convenience of your smartphone with August, a device that integrates with any current lock hardware system..." August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled "In our test of connected home devices, the August Smart Lock was the top-tested connected deadbolt" How the August Doorbell Cam Makes My Life Simpler & Safer "This is a great safety feature that will change the way you interact with everyone from delivery men to door-to-door salesmen." I Tried Using A Smart Lock And It Was Magical "The act of speaking into the air and having something happen in response is nothing short of magic." Protect Your Home With This Internet-Connected Security Gear "Forget fishing for keys while holding a case of beer. ... it unlocks the dead as it senses you (well, your phone) approaching." The Future is Now: Turn Your Small Home Into a "Smart-partment" "I love the idea of walking up to my door with arms full of packages and being able to get a virtual hand from Siri." August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled "All this makes it the smart lock to beat, and our new Editor's Choice for the category." Meet the 11 Hottest Startups in the Country, According to Investors "August has amazing traction and a huge opportunity to take the smart home market in major way." The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide "Upgrading to a smart doorbell system is easier than you think." Product Review: August Smart Lock with HomeKit "This makes this lock perfect for apartment and rental situations where you aren't allowed to install a new lock." HomeKit does indeed make the August Smart Lock more useful "This is precisely what technology is supposed to do: make our lives easier." Siri can unlock your front door with August's HomeKit-ready smart lock "Doing just one thing really well is no longer appealing, so now August is offering a Doorbell Cam, Keypad entry and Apple HomeKit integration." August Doorbell Cam gets integration with Nest Cam "...August Doorbell Cam will work with the Nest Cam to keep track of activities that happen both inside your home and outside your front door." August Smart Lock, HomeKit-enabled review: "It looks good, it's reliable, the app is easy to use and this version works with Nest, Logitech Harmony, Comcast's Xfinity Home and Siri." The $229 August Smart Lock is available in big box stores starting today "The ability to go keyless or let other visitors.., a roommate who forgets their key a lot... in while you're not home is also appealing." Study: connected cameras are most wanted smart home devices "In addition, for consumers, family safety is the biggest motivator for most consumers to adopt a smart home technology (63%)" The 10 best devices to turn your home into a smart home "If nothing else, having your door open and unlock for you without having to touch a thing is just neat." August Home Debuts Three Products and its Partner Program, 'August Access' "...August, is doubling down on the connected home with a handful of new products and a partnership program that opens door to new uses of their devices." August Home Unveils Home Access Service, Doorbell Cam, and Siri-Controlled Lock "The startup introduced a slate of gadgets all built to let you see who's at the door when you're not home and let them in." August Home announces Siri-enabled smart locks and a doorbell camera "Going beyond just hardware updates is a plan to offer a platform for managing all kinds of home maintenance and delivery services..." August Home wants to make you feel good about letting strangers into your home "(Jason Johnson)... is hoping that his company's service and new partnerships will start to change the way we think about connected-home technology and, with luck, the way we live." This startup is already working on the next step in home automation "We are getting more deliveries and using more and more services for the home, and the challenge is how do you get those services in the home in a safe and convenient way?" The August Lock is like a bouncer for small homes "How great would it be if you could always be there to know first hand what's going on inside your home? ...That's where August comes in, a smart home company that is trying to upgrade your front door." Amazon adds automatic ordering to washing machines, dog bowls, printers and more "...the August Smart Lock will order replacement batteries and notify the customer when they need changing." Xfinity Home welcomes new tenants "Marking a milestone for its 'Works with Xfinity Home' initiative, Comcast said its new smart home platform is now compatible with four third-party products."
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