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A Complete Roommate Compatibility Guide Based on Your Zodiac Sign Element

A Complete Roommate Compatibility Guide Based on Your Zodiac Sign Element

May 26, 2022

August Home is committed to helping people feel secure and comfortable in their space, and what’s more essential to at-home happiness than cohabitating well, whether living with family, or moving in with a new partner or a roommate? Avoid any surprises on move-in day by looking to the stars! See how August and The AstroTwins can help predict your roommate compatibility based on your zodiac sign element - Fire, Earth, Air and Water. 


Not sure what your zodiac sign element is? Take a quick look below before you dive in! 


  • Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Fire + Fire: Passionate and entertaining, but can be too busy for each other

The Good: Excitement abounds when two fire signs share space. They’ll get super creative together—wiring up the house with specialty lighting, smart devices and, of course, a game room. 

The Bad: With their fast-paced lifestyles and 1,001 interests, a fire sign duo can burn each other out by trying to juggle too many projects at once.



Fire + Earth: Collaborative and productive, but can misunderstand each other’s values

The Good: Adventurous fire signs inspire sensible earth signs to be more creative at home. Earth signs are a grounding force for fire, gathering family around the hearth and making sure the traditions are upheld.

The Bad: Traditional earth signs can make fidgety, renegade fire signs feel controlled and contained. Simultaneously, fire signs can lose sight of their responsibilities, leaving earth signs feeling destabilized and on-edge.



Fire + Air: Social and supportive, but can stifle each other’s emotions

The Good: Cohabitation is lively and engaging in a fire-air home. Since they’re both independent, they’ll naturally give each other space for autonomous interests, yet they still make great playmates and project partners.

The Bad: Fire signs can become overwhelmed with BIG feeling energy that rushes out in nonstop chatter. Air signs are cool and logical, preferring to think before they speak. 


 Fire + Water: Playful and nurturing, but can be passive aggressive and temperamental

The Good: Opposites attract in this curious combination. Fire signs warm the mood with their playful optimism while water signs make sure everyone is nourished.

The Bad: Temper, meet temperamental. These signs may consistently misinterpret each other’s motives, taking everything personally or guilt-tripping each other with passive-aggressive head games. 



Earth + Earth: Stable and responsible, but can be stubborn or boring

The Good: There’s hardly a more stable combination than two earth signs. And when they share a home, it may have all the picture-perfect trappings of a Norman Rockwell painting: chic, inviting and pragmatic. 

The Bad: Stable or stuck in a rut? Earth sign pairings might become so grounded that they forget that change can be good. 


Earth + Air: Inspiring and surprising, but can argue over what’s “right”

The Good: Witty air signs snap earth out of their “stick in the mud” ruts while earth can get air to stop and smell the roses—and maybe plant a garden of them in the yard.

The Bad: Earth signs are traditional and like to keep certain things “pure” A.K.A the way they’ve always been. Air signs are modernizers, bucking against anything “old fashioned,” including disrupting family customs in ways earth may find disrespectful. 

Earth + Water: Cozy and secure, but can become stagnant and codependent

The Good: These security-minded signs feel right at home together, creating a cozy, traditional enclave that may become the hub of their extended family and friend circles. 

The Bad: Why even bother leaving home when life is this nurturing under your roof? The downside of this cozy combination is that it can become way too insular.

Air + Air: Communicative and go-with-the-flow, but can ignore responsibilities 

The Good: Cohabitation is easy and breezy for two air signs, who are natural communicators when it comes to negotiating their shared space. Conversation is always lively, whether it’s playful banter or ideation around how to set up the space. 

The Bad: Air signs can bring out the fun and childlike nature in each other, but who’s going to be the adult in the room? When it’s time to deal with mundane responsibilities like washing the dishes and sorting the mail, neither may be home frequently enough to do their chores. 

Air + Water: Supportive and deep, but can miss each other’s emotional cues

The Good: Lighthearted air signs pull water signs out of their moods and get them to focus on uplifting activities. Soulful water signs bring air down from the clouds, expanding their empathy and deepening their connection to others. 

The Bad: Sensitive water signs need quality time and an on-the-go air sign may not stop to listen or realize when tensions in the home begin to rise.

Water + Water: Caring and trusting, but can resort to the silent treatment in conflict

The Good: Soulful, sensitive waters signs know how to go with the flow, shapeshifting to accommodate each other’s desires and moods. When both are happy, there’s no shortage of TLC and nurturing under their roof.

The Bad: Trouble strikes when both water signs are in a mood and no one’s being rational. Their stormy feelings combine and accelerate, which can make it feel like a hurricane has swept through their home. 

We hope the AstroTwins’ advice serves you well! At August Home, we want you to feel secure and comfortable at home and if that means getting some astrological guidance before moving in with someone—let’s do it! 

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