August Connect

Control your August smart lock from anywhere

Lock and unlock your August smart lock remotely, right from your phone. Instantly let friends, family and home services in, even when you’re not at home.
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Always know who’s coming and going

Check your lock’s real-time status from anywhere and track activity at your doorstep with a 24/7 activity log.




Simply Speak to lock your door

Tell Alexa or the Google Assistant to control any August Smart Lock with Connect. 

Pairs with August Smart Locks

The exclusive Wi-Fi bridge for the August Smart Lock family.



Simple setup

Plugs into a power outlet and connects to your home Wi-Fi in minutes. One bridge is needed for each lock you’d like to control remotely.





August Connect

Just $79







Works With

August Smart Lock

Secure, keyless entry for your smart home.

August Smart Keypad

Never Leave Keys Under The Mat Again.