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August debuts a safe, simple and social smart lock to revolutionize home security

August debuts a safe, simple and social smart lock to revolutionize home security

May 30, 2013
August smart lock line-up PALOS VERDES, CA—May 30th, 2013—Today at the D: All Things Digital conference, renowned designer Yves Behar and technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson launched August and its flagship product, the August Smart Lock. The Smart Lock is the first product from August, a company building products that make life simpler, allowing physical environments to seamlessly respond to user behavior. The intuitive new lock and access system for the home is a virtual doorman that makes life easier and more convenient.

Through a Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) enabled locking mechanism and an elegant and intuitive mobile application, August allows you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to have access to your home. The Bluetooth lock retrofits to your existing deadbolt and installs in less than ten minutes. It relies on the same secure communications technology used by financial institutions for online banking, giving only desired individual’s access to your property for set amounts of time. As the homeowner or a guest arrives at the door, August auto-unlocks and welcomes you into the home hands-free.

With the app’s Guestbook function, August offers a private and secure social network in which owners can share photos, stories, and comments to make owners and guests feel more at home. The lock itself is crafted and engineered with the highest quality materials. Design details add tactility and provide visual cues about the smart lock’s status and battery life, while the small, circular design and availability of different colors makes the lock fit in any home décor.

“Today there is a discrepancy between the sophistication of some parts of home living – like our sound systems – and the constant friction in others – like security. The August Smart Lock is a simpler, safer and more social system for access control that is easy to install and use,” said August co-founder and CEO Jason Johnson.

“August is about technology that puts you at ease,” said August co-founder and designer Yves Behar. “Sure and reliable, August is a complete, secure and attractive system for the users and guests that depend on it.”

The August Smart Lock, which is slated to begin shipping later this year at the introductory price of $199, will never have a fee to use the system’s core functionality. For more information or to reserve your August Smart Lock please visit