See the Whole Story with August Doorbell Cam Pro

The ability to see and understand something after it happens – that’s hindsight. Most doorbell cameras begin recording after motion is detected. The August Doorbell Cam Pro uses HindSight™ to capture what’s happening prior to anyone making their way to your stoop to ring the doorbell.

So how does HindSight work? Let’s say you receive an alert that there’s motion detected at your door. Most doorbell cameras only capture the back of someone’s head or a quick-moving man in a uniform as they’re walking away from your door – it doesn’t give you the whole story. HindSight captures video as people arrive, even if they don’t press the doorbell, recording the entire event. Now you really know who stopped by while you were out.

Another feature that sets the August Doorbell Cam Pro apart is its unique ability to capture night time video. Unlike most doorbell cameras that record grainy, black and white video at night, Doorbell Cam Pro captures video in full-color HD with its built-in floodlight. The floodlight also activates on motion to deter uninvited guests when you’re not home. When viewing live video you can change the intensity of the floodlight right from the August app to see every detail even in the darkest corners outside your door.

August Doorbell Cam Pro alerts you every time someone rings your doorbell or motion is detected so you can see and speak to visitors and appear to be home, even if you are not, with a one-way video call. August Doorbell Cam Pro features on-demand live video and records video of each interaction at your door. Replay recordings for up to 30 days through an optional August Video Recording subscription.

The August Doorbell Cam Pro is available beginning today for $199. For the full August Home experience, pair August Doorbell Cam Pro with any August Smart Lock to both see who’s at your door and then let them in through the August app.