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Making The August Skill Smarter with DoorSense™

Making The August Skill Smarter with DoorSense™

Oct 31, 2017

DoorSense Now Lets Users Check if Their Door is Open or Closed Using Alexa.

Today we’re adding the intelligence of our DoorSense technology to the August Smart Lock skill for Amazon Alexa. Last month we launched two new smart locks leveraging our third gen technology: the August Smart Lock and the August Smart Lock Pro. One of the hallmarks of this third generation is DoorSense, the first intelligent, integrated sensor that tells users if the door is open or closed. Now when you ask Alexa if your door is locked, Alexa will also confirm if the door is open or closed. Just ask “Alexa, is my door locked?” and she’ll respond telling you whether the door is locked or unlocked and if it’s open or closed. If you are already using the August Alexa Skill and one of our new August Smart Locks with DoorSense, you don’t have to do anything. If you haven’t enabled the August Skill, visit the Alexa Skill store to start using your voice to control your lock. And if you don’t have DoorSense yet, check out the new August Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Pro. Don’t have Alexa or an August Smart Lock? For a limited time Amazon is offering 20% off the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect bundle when you combine it with the purchase of the new Amazon Echo.