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How Kristin Unlocks More with August

How Kristin Unlocks More with August

Nov 02, 2017

How Kristin Unlocks More with August

Keys have become obsolete for Kristin and she can’t imagine it any other way. It was her husband who originally convinced her to try out the August Smart Lock, but now she’s the one who’s telling everyone she knows to use August in their home. Her August Smart Lock even allowed her to #UnlockMore for her community in a time of need. Here’s how August helps Kristin #UnlockMore every day:

Helping Evacuees

Remotely lock and unlock from anywhereIn the wake of the worst fires in Northern California history, Kristin was able to do her part by giving teachers she works with a place of refuge during a time of uncertainty. As her colleagues and friends were preparing to evacuate their homes at a moment’s notice, she was able to offer easy access to her home through the August Smart Lock and August Smart Keypad. This allowed them to come and go as needed, whether during the middle of the night or when she was away from home working during the day. They didn’t have to feel like they were a burden and she was able to offer them a place to rest, shower and relax without having to coordinate exchanging keys or schedules. Kristin was glad to be able to help out even in this small way.

Access for Maintenance Needs

Operating the August Smart LockAs a middle school teacher, Kristin doesn’t have the flexibility to leave school during the day. Scheduling home repairs became a real inconvenience because maintenance workers tend to schedule appointments during school hours, and she wasn’t able to be there. With the August Smart Lock and Smart Keypad, Kristin is able to give access to maintenance workers and window installers right through the August app with just a few taps. Now Kristin can give them access so they can let themselves in during the day and she has peace of mind knowing when they arrive and that the door is securely locked when they leave.

Hands-Free Access

Trying the August Doorbell Cam and Smart KeypadNot searching for her keys to open the door when Kristin comes home with her hands full of papers to grade, books and her purse is a major added bonus of using her August Smart Lock. Now Kristin uses Auto-Unlock. The August Smart Lock knows when she is close to her door and unlocks it automatically so she can simply walk right in without having to juggle all of her belongings. Kristin also turned on Auto-Lock so the door locks behind her after she’s inside.

How would you #UnlockMore?

The August Smart Lock has made Kristin and her husband’s lives easier in so many ways. Initially Kristin was hesitant to stop using a physical key and rely on technology. Once she realized how much more control she has using a smart lock, she stopped carrying her old keys. Now she loves and trusts August products so much that she wants to share how awesome they are with everyone she knows. She has zero plans to carry keys again. Kristin & her husband We want to hear from you. Tell us how you would use your August Smart Lock Pro to #UnlockMore, would you finally get that home improvement project done now that you don’t have to be home to wait for the contractor all day? Would you rather not stress about running late from work and let your friends inside without having to be there yourself? Or maybe something else entirely? Let us know for a chance to win your own August Smart Lock Pro, August Smart Keypad and a $100 gift card to AirBnB. #UnlockMore with August Smart Lock