Convenient Entry

Your door knows when you are home and unlocks as you approach. No more fumbling for keys or typing in pin codes.

Knows When You're Home

Auto Unlock leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi, and GPS technologies to build a “geo-fence” around your home. Your phone and lock communicate to sense if you are leaving for the day or just working in the yard. When you and your phone leave the fenced area, your lock will switch to away mode. When you and your phone return, your lock will switch to home mode and unlock when you approach the door. It’s that easy!

Be Sure It's Locked

Instant notifications are sent anytime your lock switches Home or Away modes. This will give you piece of mind that everything is working properly. For best performance, we recommend you always leave your phone’s Bluetooth and WiFi on.

Optimize Your Auto-Unlock

Auto Unlock is an amazing, convenient feature. If you ever have any issues with its functionality please report them to us by visiting Lock Settings; Auto-Unlock and tap the “Report a Problem” button.