August Makes Unlocking with Alexa Even Easier

Unlocking your door with your voice just got easier. In addition to locking and checking the status of your lock, we are expanding how you can control your August Smart Lock with our Alexa Smart Home Skill.

Today if someone rings your August Doorbell Cam, you can watch live video of visitors or motion outside the door on your Echo Show, Echo Spot or FireTV device by saying, “Alexa, show me my front door camera.” Now, while watching the video feed on Echo devices, you can also let your visitor in by saying, “Alexa, unlock the front door,” to control your August Smart Lock. Then you will be prompted to provide your secure PIN code to unlock your door. No need to reach for a smartphone, leave the comfort of your couch or step away from the kitchen in the middle of cooking your signature dish.

August was the first to allow you to unlock your August Smart Lock with your voice using Alexa through our Alexa Custom Skill. Now we are also adding this feature to our official Alexa Smart Home Skill, making the August Home Smart Home Skills for Alexa the most feature-rich way to control your door with your voice.

August has two skills in the Alexa Skill store. The chart below details how you can use each of these skills to control your August products with your voice.

Setting up Your August Alexa Skill

If you are already using the official August Alexa Smart Home Skill and one of our August Smart Locks or August Doorbell Cams, you don’t have to change anything. If you haven’t enabled the official August Skill, visit the Alexa Skill store to start using your voice to control your front door.

To set your 4-digit code in the Alexa app, go to the Smart Home section, select your August Smart Lock, and enable the “Unlock by voice” and “4-digit voice code” settings.

Controlling an August Smart Lock with Alexa requires an August Smart Lock Pro or August Smart Lock and either an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge or any August Doorbell Cam to connect the lock to Wi-Fi.