August Home Integrates Logitech POP

Today at CES we announced an integration with the Logitech POP Home Switch. Now, August Smart Lock users can control their Smart Lock with the push of a button or include Smart Lock control in POP Recipes that work in conjunction with several connected devices installed in a home.

“Logitech POP is a great way to automate the connected home with the simple push of a button,” said Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home Inc. “Our products already work with Logitech Harmony remotes for smart home control, and support for POP means users have more options for how they interact with our Smart Lock.”

“We’re always looking to add the features and functionality that our users want into our ecosystem,” said Renee Niemi, vice president and general manager of the Smart Home business at Logitech. “Delivering one touch control of August Smart Locks with POP is something we know they’ll be excited about.”

When combined with August Connect, users can place POP by a bedside table and use it to control an August Smart Lock and nighttime lights before going to bed. And since the August Smart Lock already works with the Harmony hub-based remote, POP can be used to initiate an Activity like “Movie Night” – the TV, cable and stereo turn on, smart lights dim and the August Smart Lock is locked. 

How it Works

Simple three-way control lets users press once, press twice, or press-and-hold to trigger different preset commands. Each switch is wireless and battery-powered, which means it can be used almost anywhere.

August Smart Home Access Solution

The August Smart Lock, August Smart Keypad and August Doorbell Cam, create the complete Smart Home Access solution allowing people to manage their front door from anywhere. The August Smart Lock turns a smartphone into a smart key where consumers can lock and unlock their door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes with a 24/7 activity log. The August Smart Keypad also lets users create unique entry codes for family, friends and service providers to unlock an August Smart Lock without a traditional key or smartphone. The August Doorbell Cam lets consumers see and speak with visitors at the door, from anywhere, using a smartphone.

August Works With

August products work together with leading smart home brands to make life more simple and secure. August Works With partners include Airbnb, Amazon, Apple, Logitech, Nest and Xfinity Home. For more information visit August Works With.